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Do you have an idea what the difference is between film and video?

Video provides a digital impact which is a cheap and easy device for those who do not have the opportunity to choose a professional, high standard and stylish solution.
Film, in turn, gives prestige to the introduction of high standard companies – to those who mean it.

Not everyone can have a film.

Everyone can have a video.

Video can be shot with a mobile or with a hobby camera and can be edited on a free-to-download software. We can see these kind of videos on websides of youngsters which are really cute because they are about puppies, birthdays, weekend trips, but they do not fit to any prestigious businesses.

Do you know how film differ from video?

  • It does not have the cheap digital impact.
  • It is like watching a film in the movies even on the internet.
  • Ordinary internet users can immediately realize that it is something different from the usual.
  • Introduces a company in a professional way.

How is a film made which is not video?

You will be taken aback how many working hours it takes. Shooting a three minutes film on location takes 8-15 hours and the post-production which provides the uncompromising excellence usually takes 140-150 hours.

Does your business need a high standard introduction?

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