Why can we keep the deadlines 100% and why do we have the best quality/price ratio in the market?

Because we do everything ourselves. This way we can guarantee the implementation of a unified concept, the uncompromising quality, avoiding misunderstandings and because we do not work with subcocontractors only we are responsible for the deadlines.

From the script writing through the set to the post-production.

We do everything for you. You do not have to seek a solution separately for editing, visual effects or for sound post-production. You are in communication with one staff member throughout the filmmaking process who knows everything about the workflow of your film.

Unfortunately there are many so called filmmakers who just pass out the work to free-lancers. Experience has shown that this way controllability is greatly reduced, deadlines are delayed and maybe what is worse: your concept will not take shape completely because what you say to the prime contractor will have been distorted by the time it arrives – if arrives at all – to one of the free-lancers.

How is a professional film made? Let’s look behind the scenes!

Take for example a simple three-minute PR-film which is shot at your company, based on pre-arranged concept.


Pre-production takes about 80-100 hours – without careful planning can not be a professional end result.

We start with an in-depth ground scouting. We talk through with you what kind of film you would like to have and we help you with some ideas. We assess the location to know what techniques and gear should be used.

The second step is when we finalise the concept with you. Working out the visual concept according to what you would like to see in your film, considering the aim of it and putting in our ideas. We have to consider your target market, the mood, the atmosphere, the story and what needs to be highlighted. Then we make the visual script of the film.

The day of shooting

The shooting itself usually takes 8-15 hours, but it can be up to 24 – depending on what and how many times have to be shot and what the circumstances are. We go to the location, set up the gear and taking the shots. Then comes the most exciting part the post-production.


Post-production starts with the process of watching through all the footages that were shot and select the best ones that perfectly fit to the concept then put them to chronological order.

Upon request we consult with you during the steps of the post-production to reach the desired result. Technology, art and instruments is our job and yours is to tell us what you would like to see differently or what changes you would like us to make.

Post-production includes the steps that should be carried out in the utmost caution – it is possible to create a poor film from good raw footages if there is a lack of expertise. The pre-cut film is typically 20-30% longer than the final version will be – the shots are not in their final length, they are simply put in order and the effects and other soubtle elements appear only as signals.

Now the structure of the film and the dramaturgy can already be seen and the corresponding rates are being felt.

The next step is the intro and/or closing animations which usually contains the logo of the company either in 2D or 3D.

The next step is the final cut: The scenes receive their final length and the cutting points are determined. Appropriate changes between shots, slowing down, speeding up, sound effects and so on are determined and carried out here.

This is one of the most sensitive area which dramatically define the atmosphere, emotion and expressiveness of the film.

Really dramatically.

When cutting is done basic color correction is the next step. In doing so, the too dark, the too light or insufficient tones are corrected with digital technology. This procedure can also be used to achieve the suitable  artistic effect and the mood.

Visual effects are made during post-production which greatly affect the final visuals. Visual effects are the essence of filmmaking – art and creativity, which is a real challenge by the context of virtuality.

When all the effects are in place comes the final editing then the color grading for cinematic look.

There is just the sound post-production left behind before rendering, writing your film to a disc and handing over the finished work.

Professional technology, solid work, cinematic quality – you get all these from us. Why choose us?

Because we are professionals at what we do, just as you are.

Look at our references in Full HD Here!

  • We work with the highest quality technical background
  • We offer creative ideas and experience to your ideas
  • We work in all genres of moving and still images – offering complete solutions
  • We keep the deadlines 100% and we guarantee it.
  • Every step of the filmmaking is made by us – we do not use subcontractors
  • We have the best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Our 9-year-old company has the best creative professionals who have a passion and enthusiasm for their work which is also their hobbies.
  • We are one hundred percent Hungarian-owned, transparent and fair business that you can count on in the long term
  • …and we have a special working method – wich is like a chef's secret recipe – we add unique taste and value to your project!

Our company head, Gábor Felföldi, cinematographer, director and color grader founded Visual Production in 2007 with the intention of producing quality motion picture productions in all genres.

How can we help you?

  • Would you need a striking image film which is not as direct as commercials but elegantly presents the attractive atmosphere and instilling the right idea in the minds of your target audience?

  • Would you like to boost your new products or your business with an effective commercial?
  • Do you have a serious topic which you want a worthy documentary for?
  • Would you like a demanding corporate film which stands it’s ground anywhere in the world?
  • Are you a musician and would like a music video that is remembered by your fans forever?
  • Would you like to boost your film with visual effects?

We are the good place to start.

We consider all projects as exciting challenges served with unique ideas and effective creativity.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, contact us and let's talk about your the idea!

How can you work with us? What will happen in the course of working together?

First we talk. We discuss your ideas:

  • What is the aim of the film
  • What budget do you have in mind
  • When would you like the film to be finished
  • Who is the target audience
  • Where do you want to use your film (internet, television or other)
  • Is the film need to be shot with actors and if so, who they should be
  • Do you have a draft concept for the storyboard or script
  • What is the lenght of the film
  • Where and when should be the shooting
  • What special circumstances should be taken into account (lights, atmosphere, what cannot be seen or heared in any way in the film…)

…and there are many more questions. Then you'll get a detailed quote from us and a plan that if you accept, we start to work. If you wish, the discussion continuous during the work to ensure everything forms according to your idea. We are your tour guide in the world of film.

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